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The father of the idea a Tanzanian native Andi Mawazo Mwegerano had this in mind for two years before the idea was implemented. The » first Salo Marathon race was organized on 22.12.2001 by the SMC Salo Marathon Club Association in collaboration with Nokia Road Runners and Salo Sports Veterans.

Andi Mawazo Mwegerano
As we were heading towards the new millennium, many things went around in our minds about the new coming millennium. Being a long distance runner myself, a thought came to me "why don't we start our marathon race in our town of Salo" from the beginning of the new millennium.
The following article on the local news paper Salon Seudun Sanomat (SSS) on 5.8.1999 and the opinion section exposed my thoughts to the public.

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Andi Mawazo Mwegerano, Salo

HannaThe existing sports club in Salo were not interested in the idea, so I used the law of the legend of Mohammed about him and the mountain which would not go to him. So at the end of the day, instead of waiting for someone to do it, I took the initiative to implement my thought. I decided to do the job myself.
Teemu Kujanpaa and Hanna Kaskinen joined me to form the present SMC Salo Marathon Club Association and by 12.12.2002 we had filled an application for registering the club. The club would be used as a platform for organizing all long and other types of races in Salo.


Kalevi Saukkonen ja Jukka Pasanen

Kalevi Saukkonen (on the left) was doing his 816th marathon that day and Jukka Pasanen (behind).

The first Salo Marathon race 22.12.2001:

The first Salo Marathon was organized on 22.12.2001. Due to cold weather only a few courageous marathoners participated. At the start line 10 participants stood shoulder to shoulder facing one of the extreme sports challenges in their lives. The race started at 10.00 o'clock in the morning and it was -18°C. The clothing made it difficult to race. Out of 10 participants 8 managed to finish the race all in under six hours. One participant had come as far as 800 km to the race. Another was doing his 816th marathon that day, while one young man 23 years was doing his first marathon, and won the race in 3:39 hrs. Despite of the harsh weather condition and short time for organizing the event, everything went fine. Many thanks goes out to the Salo Marathon Club, Nokia Road Runners and the Salo Veteran Sports Organization for their tremendous work in three weeks to put things together and to make it work!

First Salo Marathon course 2001: